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Today’s challenging market has put most businesses in extremely fragile financial situations. Debts tend to outweigh revenue inflow, and to make matters worse, cash flow problems are likely a door-opener to a number of other issues which can lead to insolvency. However, we all know too well that it isn’t always easy to depend on banks to bail you out with loans. 

In order to keep a business operating and fully functional, organizations require healthy and consistent cash flow. Whether you are making plans for the next 3 to 5 years, to expand an existing business, or to undertake a new lucrative project, finance is the heartbeat in a company’s continuous wellbeing. Nevertheless, the plain intention to sustain a business has appeared to be more difficult than easy. Being a seasoned player in the finance and banking industry for the past couple of decades, this issue was duly recognized by Kevin and Chloe, who subsequently established Nexus Capital with the aim to address this subject. 

The name Nexus Capital represents a core to a series of connections or links. It is a direct reflection of our ambition in generating solid solutions from our deep and wide network and resources. It is our greatest aspiration to build a congregation of comprehensive and customized solutions designed to ease the process of obtaining financing for Malaysian SMEs. 

It is our genuine intention to help business owners to solve their finance-related problems via the Nexus Financing Ecosystem, and by leveraging the right financing platform, nurture young entrepreneurs and businesses in Malaysia into big time players and corporate companies.