From peer-to-peer financing to equity crowdfunding, Nexus Capital empower you to ignite your dreams by connecting you with not only the right resources, but also the best. We help realize your visions by uniting you with a strong backer or a horde of them through a connected, cohesive global community. We are in collaboration with some of the biggest players in the market to offer you the best options for your company. The good news is, everything is conveniently, securely and efficiently accomplished via a digital platform.


Equity Crowdfunding
Through a collaborative effort, Nexus Capital and co. are an advisory firm that offers consultation, planning and structuring services to crowd-fund ideas, projects, and companies that are looking for capital to realize, execute or expand their business. Our team is equipped with in-depth knowledge and has assisted client in navigating the legal and commercial landscape, as well as discovering business opportunities and thrive within this ever-expanding marketplace.


Peer-to-peer Financing
Also known as Peer-to-peer Lending (P2P), enables an individual to obtain loan directly from another individual, thus cutting out banks as the traditional middle party. Nexus Capital are particularly proficient in assisting smaller-scale companies (1- or 2-year-old companies) or traditional businesses who found it intensely strenuous to obtain bank loans. While you apply, we shall begin to look for potential platforms with a congregation of qualified investors, where the platform shall, in due course, kickstart the fundraising from the public to fund the coveted loan (or multiple loans) individually.