How To Apply Loan For SME

How To Apply Loan For SME
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How To Apply Loan For SME

  • What is SME & How To Apply Loan For SME? 

SME or otherwise called as Small and Medium-sized Enterprises are organizations that cover a range of industries such as services, manufacturing, construction and so much more. 

These types of businesses are frequently viewed as the heartbeat of Malaysia’s arising contributors and impacting the economy. 

Aside from giving tremendous quantities of work openings, SME organizations are known for their enterprising in nature, hence they are constantly developing and improving their business model. 

By and large, there are two measures to be met altogether for your business to qualify as an SME – your annual turnover and the number of full-time workers in your organization.

For example, these are the criteria to qualify as SMEs: 


Small SMEs

Medium SMEs


·       Sales turnover RM300,000 to < RM15 million

·       Full time employees 5 to < 75 people

·       Sales turnover RM15 million to < RM50 million

·       Full time employees 75 to < 200 people

Services & Others

·       Sales turnover RM300,000 to < RM3 million

·       Full time employees 5 to < 30 people

·       Sales turnover RM3 million to < RM20 million

·       Full time employees 30 to < 75 people

  • Does SME matter in Malaysia? 

As per SME Corporation’s discoveries, about 98.5% of business foundations in Malaysia are SMEs. In light of the report by the Department of Statistics two year ago, these SME organizations have contributed RM552.3 billion to Malaysia’s GDP in 2019, or near 40% portion of the nation’s all-out GDP. 

There is likewise an expansion in the business rate for SMEs in Malaysia which includes 48.4%, or near 7.3 million absolute specialists utilized under SME organizations in 2019. Until the present time, the SME GDP development in Malaysia has kept on dominating the country’s general monetary development consequently making SME quite possibly the main business substances in Malaysia. 

  • The Difficulties Looked By SMEs 

Beginning a business is a major accomplishment for some business visionaries, yet keeping one is the biggest test. As your business develops, various issues should happen and without the appropriate and fundamental arrangement, there is a high likelihood that your business may fall. 

One of the issues confronting SME business visionaries is that they need talented specialists and imperatives in HR. Thusly, these issues cause low efficiency and quality yield inside the administration including creation, in this way, thwarting their business development and advancement pushing ahead.

Another challenge by SMEs is the restricted or powerlessness to adjust innovation in their business. In this quickly changing universe of globalization, innovation is a significant part of one’s business. They save your time and exertion, and it improves the security of your foundation. Business people that can’t take advantages of innovation may lead to stagnant business growth.

Notwithstanding several difficulties referenced, a large portion of the SMEs is confronting comparable issues which is the absence of admittance to funds and capital. Money is the substance that helps and permits organizations a chance to develop, meet their every day costs or potentially buy long haul resources for their business. Without adequate capital, it prevents productivity, effective turn of events and accomplishment of SMEs in Malaysia. 

Where would I be able to apply for monetary help? 

Besides applying assets from business banks on the lookout, SME entrepreneurs can select to apply for SME advances from other assistance monetary suppliers specifically the Development Financial Institutions (DFI). Upheld by the public authority, they are monetary administrations suppliers that offer focused on monetary help. Investigate a portion of the DFIs that you can decide on monetary help from: 

  • Bank Rakyat
  • Bank Pembangunan Malaysia Berhad
  • Agro bank
  • SME Bank
  • BSN
  • EXIM Bank

Besides that, the public authority perceives the significance of SMEs in Malaysia’s economy. Along these lines, consistently, they have come out with a few government motivators or awards for SMEs to help their undertaking. These are a portion of the Government Funding/Grants that you can consider picking:

  • Soft Loan Schemes for Services Sectors
  • Soft Loan for SMEs
  • Tabung Usahawan Siswazah (TUS)
  • Young Entrepreneur Fund (YEF)
  • Tabung Pembangunan Pengangkutan Awam
  • Bumiputera Enterprise Enhancement Program
  • SME Emergency Fund
  • Business Start-Up Fund (BSF)
  • TEKUN Financing
  • Skim Kredit Pengeluaran Makanan (SKPM)
  • Rural Economy Funding Scheme (SPED)
  • PROSPER Usahawan Muda (PUMA)
  • For what reasons would it be a good idea for me to apply for an SME facility? 

☛ Situation 1 

Haziq just graduated from a local university in Malaysia. While waiting opportunity for a job in his business field, he chose to fire up a vape shop business with his companion. He chose to apply for the SME Bank Business Accelerator Program to launch his business. Haziq can get for up to RM1 million at a reasonable interest rate for a maximum of 7-years tenure

☛ Situation 2 

Nadiah is good at baking. One of her best desserts is a chocolate brownie and chocolate cake. While studying in her baking college, she utilizes her spare time to prepare for her friends. Later on, her cakes were highly requested. Her orders has been doubled and soon, she can’t adapt to it because of the absence of utilities. She applied for Aspirasi Capital Plus and figured out how to open up a little pastry kitchen shop in Klang Valley. 

☛ Situation 3 

Nazri owns a small ranch at outskirt of Selangor. He started a vegetable farm and able to sell them at the neighbourhood market. He, fortunately, got offered by a supermarket to supply a large volume of vegetables. Because of his production, he didn’t figure out how to satisfy the request on schedule. At that point, he decided to apply for HSBC Working Capital Term Loan for his SME followed by how cultivation technique to increase the mass production in his business. 

☛ Which is the best SME Facility in Malaysia?

Commercial bank

·       BSN Micro plus

·       HSBC Working Capital Term Loan for SME

Financial services company

Aspirasi Capital Plus

Development financial institution

·       MIDF SME Emergency Fund

·       MIDF Soft Loan Scheme for Small & Medium Enterprises

·       SME Bank Business Accelerator Program

With this, come and get consulted with us to get understand your financial positioning and getting the right solution to accommodate your SME!


Sam Wong - SME loan Consultant

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