Business Loans in Malaysia – Free Consultation

Business Loans in Malaysia - Free Consultation
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  • What is a business loan? 

A business loan is a working capital facility, which can be custom-made for entrepreneurs or business owners depending on the amount. You may think it is just about as direct as applying for a personal loan, however it is not. 

When one wishes to begin a business, you need the cash flow to support its commencement, capital costs, operational costs, providers and more. Some entrepreneurs have solid monetary reinforcements, where capital can be handily siphoned from financial backers, own resources and investment funds. During this stage, a business loan is not an alternative. 

As your business grows, you need more cash to meet the expanding organic market. Rather than taking advantage of your revenue income or bootstrapping, you can apply for a credit to fund your functioning capital. Along these lines, you can keep your reserve funds and benefits under control. 


  • Is taking a business loan a smart thought? 

Maintaining a business has its good and bad times. To procure a good return, there is consistently a danger to oversee. Applying for a new line of credit from a bank is an alternative way you can benefit yourself for when your business is progressing nicely or not. 

For working capital, these are the examples to get your loan approved: 

  • To expand business operation 
  • To buy machinery 
  • To increase the working capital 


  • What type of business loan are on the market? 

☛ Overdraft 

An overdraft is the most well-known business loan for SMEs to apply for. For this facility, you should have a good track record of revenue or profit annually to pay off the repayment easily.

☛ Term Loan 

Assuming you wish to take up resource procurement, you can consider applying for a term loan. Similar to overdraft, you will be the repayment obligations with interest. 

☛ Fixed Loan 

Similar to the term loan, a fixed facility is allowed for a concurred timeframe with intermittent instalments that incorporates revenue charges. 

☛ Revolving Credit 

This is appropriate for short-term working capital. It permits adaptable withdrawal of assets at whatever point required and you can take care of it through regularly scheduled payments.

☛ Hire-Purchase 

This is a kind of financing that you can get for enlisting the acquisition of business hardware and vehicles. The chief sum and the reimbursement plan is normally fixed. 

☛ End-Financing 

Property designers as a rule will use this business credit to empower the created shops or houses to be offered to buyers. Interestingly, the subsidizing is additionally consequently given to the buyer of another property under this office. 

  • Monetary Guarantee 

On an occasion of default, some financing platforms offer monetary assurance which incorporates repayment plan, security, settlement ahead of time and monetary certifications to insurance agencies. 

What are the primary hotspots for business subsidizing in Malaysia? 

In Malaysia, business and modern banks are the primary suppliers of business credits. In any case, these elements are exceptionally controlled by the Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) and are known for strict requirements. 

Aside from the banks, you will likewise track down various monetary administrations suppliers that are offering business credits, for example, investments and government-linked companies. 

Developmental Financial Institutions (DFI) are monetary administrative suppliers that are upheld by the public authority and offer focused on monetary help to the Micro Enterprises and SMEs. 

Such examples of this organizational would be: 

  • Bank Rakyat 
  • Bank Pembangunan Malaysia Berhad 
  • Agrobank 
  • SME Bank 
  • BSN 
  • EXIM Bank 


  • Government Funding/Grants 
  • Soft Loan Schemes for Services Sectors 
  • Soft Loan for SMEs 
  • Tabung Usahawan Siswazah (TUS) 
  • Young Entrepreneur Fund (YEF) 
  • Tabung Pembangunan Pengangkutan Awam 
  • Bumiputera Enterprise Enhancement Program 
  • SME Emergency Fund 
  • Business Start-Up Fund (BSF) 
  • TEKUN Financing 
  • Skim Kredit Pengeluaran Makanan (SKPM) 
  • Rural Economy Funding Scheme (SPED) 
  • PROSPER Usahawan Muda (PUMA)


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