Here Are The 5 Benefits Of Having A Healthy Credit Score In M’sia

5 Benefits of Healthy Credit Score
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Generally, a healthy credit score ranges between 650 to 750 whereas 751 to 850 is considered as the highest score. If your score is around those numbers, the chances for banks and financial institutions to lend you the larger loans would be much higher. Not only that but potentially you’ll be able to get some better deals too! Here are 5 benefits of having a healthy credit score besides less financially stressful life.

1. Credit Card & Loan Approval Chances 

With a healthy credit score, the chances to obtain credit card and larger loans would be higher. As financial institutions and banks are able to trust you as a borrower to repay your obligations.

2. Lower Interest Rate

Did you know that your credit score actually determines your interest rate? An healthy credit score would benefit you with a lower interest rate as banks would consider you as a good client.

3. Negotiation on Loan Terms

As stated from the previous point, banks and financial institutions would likely be more convinced with your healthy credit score as there’s a trust in your repayment history.

4. Higher Credit Limit

The higher credit limit means that the borrower is allowed to obtain higher working capital and funds from respective financial institutions.

5. Better Deals

With a healthy credit score, you are eligible for better loan packages. From lower interest rates to better rewards, you’ll definitely enjoy all the good benefits.

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